"I have been in musical environments my entire life. We are talking about lots of music and singing in my family, plus family outings to illicit dances in an abandoned school house that were forbidden by our church at the time There was also lots of music in school band, choir, and church.

I developed a taste and appreciation for classical music early on. The pipe organ blows me away! Enter the First Big Folk Music Scare of the 60's, plus The Beatles, Stones, CSNY, and many others. I draw from all of them, both to perform and to write. I am truly all over the map musically.

During my years in professional life (Doctor of Chiropractic), music had to be avocational. I kept my hat in the ring playing solo, singing in community, church, and university choirs (even a couple of special ensemble choirs). I also involved myself in the Chippewa Valley Cultural Association / Heyde Center for the Arts, doing everything such volunteer organizations need. I have helped with programming for many years, which means I have the onerous duty of attending the occasional festival and concert to evaluate and recruit potential acts.

Retirement from professional life meant I could focus on music (and sea kayaking, but that is another story), building skills and repertoire, plus building the network of music friends that is part of being a musician. I have met and played with many amazing musicians. Most all have been supportive (or tolerant), and several have been 'instrumental' in encouraging my musical journey.

I have always stayed with the acoustic guitar, but love to mix it up with the electric folks. Most of my performances center on quieter venues like wineries, patio bars, and supper clubs, especially outdoors. I love bringing an eclectic mix to my listeners!"                                          

                                                  ~ Randall Adams

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