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West Wind Music Sample.mp3

Producers: Ivar Lunde, Jr., Peter Phippen, Randall Adams and
Bruce Burnside (production assistance on Imagination, 
Outside Looking In, and West Wind). 

All songs composed by Randall Adams, except Oil in the Water and 
Hollow Men, by Sandra Odom of Shreveport, LA

Recorded at Skyline Studios in Eau Claire, WI, by Ivar Lunde, Jr. 
except A Day With the Apostles, recorded at Studio One, 
Eau Claire, WI.

Eagle feather artwork (front cover): original watercolor by 
Jim Huckabay of Shreveport, LA.

Thunderbird artwork (inside panel): original watercolor by
Jim Huckabay of Shreveport, LA.  The painting is of an ancient
Pawnee Indian ceremonial drum shield (the original artifact is held
by the Chicago Field Museum).

Instrumentalists and Vocalists:
1. Outside Looking In
R. Adams:  acoustic guitar & vocal
Peter Phippen:  Fender bass
Victoria Shoemaker: classical flute
John LeBrun:  percussion

2. Fiction
R. Adams: acoustic guitar

3. Oil in the Water
R. Adams:  acoustic guitar & lead vocal
Peter Phippen: Fender bass
Sandra Odom: ukulele & harmony vocal
Bruce Burnside: mandola
Background vocals: Thea Ennen, Julie DeBoer, 
Victoria Shoemaker, Sue Gifford, and Lee Mynett
John LeBrun: percussion

4. Hollow Men
R. Adams: acoustic guitar & vocal

5. A Day With the Apostles
R. Adams:  acoustic guitar
6. West Wind
R. Adams: acoustic guitar & vocal
Peter Phippen:  Fender bass
Victoria Shoemaker: ethnic flutes (Butch Hall Native American Style Flutes)
John LeBrun: percussion & washboard

7. Dreams
R. Adams: acoustic guitar & vocal
Ed Willett: cello 

8. Wedding Song for Sandra
R. Adams: acoustic guitar
Ivar Lunde, Jr.: recorder

9. Snowflake’s Journey
R. Adams: acoustic guitar & vocal
Victoria Shoemaker: classical flute

10. Imagination
R. Adams: acoustic guitar & lead vocal
Peter Phippen:  Fender bass
Victoria Shoemaker: alto saxophone
John LeBrun: percussion
Background vocals: Julie DeBoer,  Lee Mynett

11. Little and Big
R. Adams:  acoustic guitar & vocal


Acoustic guitars: 1996 LaPlant, “000” – Koa tonewood, 1969 CF Martin 

D35-S – Brazilian Rosewood tonewoods

Electric guitars: Fender Precision bass

Flutes: Classical, Butch Hall Native American Style Flutes

Percussion: Trap kit, Scottish Field Drum, Washboard, Shakers, Congas

CD Layout & Design: Helen Marrs

(C) Randall Adams • All Rights Reserved